Cruiser Mods

Why a Land Cruiser?

Yes I know, silly question.

Cruiser Upgrades

Americas Setup:

A few changes was made (again) for the next trip to the Americas: Most changes done to reduce weight on vehicle

  • Removed the wheel carrier – 2 Spare wheels now inside.
  • Remove drawer system, simply do not need all the space
  • Remove fridge – I’m gonna miss this one!!!!
  • Remove Roofrack
  • Remove 210L petrol tank; this leaves 180L of fuel. Never needed this tank on all travels in Africa.
  • Remove 30m steel cable – simply too heavy…I might regret this one.
  • Replace 100L SS water tank with 2 x 40 liter plastic tanks. These tanks weigh a lot less and have a bit better insulation to prevent water from freezing.
  • Remove one blade on each rear leaf springs – due to reduced vehicle weight.
  • Changes were made to the canopy to enable me and Debbie to sit and stand inside in very bad weather. I think the best words to describe the new arrangement would be “very compact” although I’m pretty sure HELL SMALL would be more accurate…..

The rest pretty much stayed the same.


Africa setup:

–         ARB steel bull bar: For the stray dogs, donkeys, cattle, horses, pigs – not that it would really help when in a contest with an African Bull but at least we feel safer.

–         IEF double wheel carrier bumper: Great invention; Saves space and so bloody heavy it takes 10% off the shocks life.

–         Double plated and rubberized load bin

–         IPF 900SCS Spotlights with protector covers: Extra set of eyes.

–         TJM XGS Suspension: Gives a 50mm lift – fitted the heavy duty option with a set of extra main blades.

–         Old Man Emu Shocks: Attempting to get rid of the kidney belt I bought with the Land Cruiser.

–         75mm Body lift: To accommodate the next mod; Issues with axel twisters and sharp turns without the lift.

–         Tyres 315/75/16 BF Goodrich M/T: Amazing tyres but hell expensive for the mileage given. Will consider A/T’s on the next change.

–         Raised air intake (Snorkel): When we decide to go diving.

–         Raised breather pipes: For diffs, gearboxes and petrol tank.

–         ARB air compressor: Tired of using the damm hand pump, have you ever pumped 35 inch tyres from 0.6 to 2.5 bar?

–         Additional rubber wheel arches: Decided to fit these after 1000km of bad gravel road – had to re-spray the sides of load bin due to rock damage.

–         Custom made mud guards at back: Same reason as above. Made from conveyor belt.

–         16mm Aluminium steering guard: Looks cool, if I really hit a rock it probably wouldn’t work.

–         XD9000i Warn winch: Really needed?? Have used it a few times before but I would rather have it and not need it than the other way around.

–         Air hooter: I figured the Landcruiser is as slow as a truck, might as well sound like one. Works well on the African roads.

–         Air bellow suspension helper’s, front and rear: I was convinced these were needed, they aren’t.

–         Duel battery system: To keep the beer in the fridge cold without leaving the cruiser stranded.

–         Cantec seat covers: For all the fortunate times we are stuck in mud. When I want to resell the Cruiser at least the seats will looks brand new.

–         Aluminium roof rack (front): To hold the spade, axe and branch deflectors J – all other uses has been abandoned. With the macho suspension lift and tyres I’m sure the Cruiser don’t need ANY additional weight on the roof – we almost found that out the hard way at Van Zyl’s pass, Namibia

–         Branch deflectors: The only Land Rover accessory, works well.

–         Tinted windows with smash and grab film: If you don’t know why…..visit South Africa.

–         Water Tank: 40:60 litre: Fresh and wash water; Stainless tank with baffles to restrict water movement while driving; 2 Taps at rear.

–         Fuel Tanks: 210 litre stainless tank mounted in bin against cab with raised breather pipes; Standard 2 x 90 litre Landcruiser tanks; Total around 390 litre, giving a range of around 1500 km. This is NOT a calculation mistake.

–         Entire vehicle covered with plastic shield protection (VPS): Refer to seat covers

Canopy (a snail needs a shell)

–         AluCab canopy: When it absolutely has to be aluminium. Probably the best canopy builder around.

–         Air vents: for positive pressure inside canopy while driving on gravel roads – prevents dust from getting in; Yes, this gimmick actually works.

–         4 Cupboards: 2 on each side; Two is used for clothes (his and hers); 1 for kitchen; 1 for food

–         Big slide with 3 custom build aluminium boxes and freezer

–         Lights in all cupboards and canopy: Absolute waste of money after the invention of headlamps. Great for attracting the local bug community.

–         AluCab flip up tent: When your girlfriend refuses to sleep on the ground (I will wait until we are married); Great tent, set up in 20 seconds.


–         40L National Luna freezer: Best invention since sliced bread; Cold beer, even ice in my whiskey, wonderful!!

–         Hi-lift jack: (Ilse of jack??? – like my girlfriend calls it) Mounted to side of canopy; Add to the macho look when driving around town. Actually works quite well when changing at tyre when stuck in the Okavango delta

–         Axe mounted to side of canopy: For the girlfriend.

–         Spade mounted to side of canopy: To dig out the Cruiser when in the shit, but more often used when full of shit.

–         2x2m MyWay awning: For those endless days inNamibia and the Kalahari deserts

–         2 x 12V fans in tent: Refer to previous point

–         30m, 5Ton Cable: For extra length on winch cable; For some or other reason there is never a tree close by when we get stuck

–         1800W 220V inverter: Who knows what I was thinking….Possibly supplying a small town of electricity???

–         Max Trax: Great piece of recovery equipment.

–         Garmin eTrek Vista GPS: Let the truth be told, if it wasn’t for the GPS and Debbie I won’t find the South African border

2 Responses to Cruiser Mods

  1. Jaco says:

    Hallo Marius,

    Great website!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure! All I can say is WoW……!!
    I would like to know who did all your modifications on your Land Cruiser? I would love to do the same type of modifications on mine.

    Best regards,


  2. Paul & Carol Lortz says:

    Hi Guys; I saw your cruiser’s twin today at 4 Mile creek campsite near Niagara Falls. Weathered the thunderstorms well and the folks were in good spirits. We chatted for a while and then they were off on their adventure.

    Good journey and bright blessings,
    Paul and Carol

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