Things we learned


 Things we have learned


  • It’s better to drive behind
  • Don’t interfere with the cook
  • You haven’t seen dust until you visit Tanzania
  • Dirty is a very relative term
  • A cruiser is much tougher than you think
  • Braaing every night is only cool when you’re camping for 3 weeks
  • Mud terrain tires is worthless in real mud
  • Given enough time you can get used to and learn to love anything, unless you choose not to
  • Less is better
  • Don’t ever trust a map or a local
  • Mosquito repellent is not as effective as indicated on the bottle
  • Diarrhea in Africa is not a rumour
  • Never say “this is the worst place possible”
  • Don’t try to understand other people
  • If you think you have it bad, go to North Horr
  • There is a reason local transport is cheap
  • 100km is relative
  • You can never take enough wine
  • A shortcut is the longest distance between two points
  • Never expect hot water at a campsite in Africa, you will be disappointed
  • Given enough disappointments, you get use to and learn to appreciate a cold shower
  • Africa also sell food, not just SA
  • Never believe there is no mosquito’s in your tent
  • Never believe you will get fuel at the next town
  • South Africans have no idea what a pothole is     

3 Responses to Things we learned

  1. Geoff Popple says:

    Hello Everyone
    Good to meet all the family in Pemba and then again on the Island of Mozambique. Nic – my offer stands if you want a place in the Argus Cycle Tour next year March. I can relate to your lessons learnt!!
    Got back to Cape Town last Tuesday. Now trying to settle down to normal life – not easy.

    Go well


  2. Ben says:

    Today in Cody, Wyoming

  3. love your comments on things learned!! it was a pleasure to meet you guys..maybe our paths will cross again some travels..

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